Cracking Sound After Installing cantabile

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Hi Friends,

I am having some issue either with my PC or Cantabile. Getting Cracking error after installation. Any help?

Please give a bit more detail about the “cracking error”, your PC and audio configuration and what you are doing to get this “cracking error”.

No chance to help you with just the info you’re giving above…



What audio interface are you using? And have you selected your interface’s ASIO driver as Cantabile’s audio engine?

Buffer size? Did you take a look at the Profiler built into Cantabile? Did you find the Glitch free ebook? Did you try LatencyMon?

Sorry for such a late reply. I had to be out of town. I am basically getting this error to be precise. I am a new user and no I have not selected the ASIO driver separately. I am using PreSonus.

Everything I already said. What buffer size is your ASIO driver set to? Does the crackling go away if you set it to 256 or 512?

Let me go ahead and check it out.

See this guide

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Thanks a lot … That was really helpful. I changed it from 256. The issue has been resolved.

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