Cpu usage fluctuating wildly

It seems to be the case. Amazing. I am using the most recent ASIO4ALL drivers, version 2.14.

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Awesome! :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a fresh looking at! (WDM/KS is no slouch, even if masquerading as ASIO!)

From the ASIO4ALL website “Project Brief” page:

ASIO4ALL is a hardware independent low latency ASIO driver for WDM audio devices. It uses WDM Kernel-Streaming and sometimes even more sophisticated methods to achieve its objectives.


EDIT - Now I am wondering whether ASIO4ALL would be dependent upon the MOTU Audio WAVE WDM drivers being present/enabled??? Could be.

Someone at the Native Instruments “Maschine” forum just shared this video that I’d never seen before. Quite informative!



Yep, a great companion to “Glitch Free”. Thanks for the contribution Terry!


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That was very interesting to watch. Thanks Terry.


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