Correcting a wrong note in a midi file

Hello to all,
I have a question: I have a song file within a set and I want to correct a wrong note in the song as quickly and easily as possible. Can I simply make the note change and save it in the midi file (which resides with the corresponding cantabile song file) Or do I have to delete the existing song file, reinsert the changed midi file and save it as a new song?
In other words, does the song file automatically detect changes in its corresponding midi file.
Help would be appreciated.
Terry Lafferty

I had an issue like this and I just edited the file in my regular sequencer and saved it over the old file. No problem.

Okay, so it would appear that a saved change in the midi file residing on cantabile, will carry through to the song. Thank you for your response !

Right, I assume Catabile opens the file every session so it opens it in whatever state it’s in at the time.directly

Yep, you can just edit the original MIDI file, but if the file is already opened in Cantabile it won’t be re-read - you’ll need to either switch songs, or switch file in the media player.

That is huge Brad, I continually forget to add a trigger note or pause note or something. And for some reason I had it in my head that I had to pretty much start over, Remove the midi file from the media player playlist, delete the song file from the set list…hahahahahah It pays to ask those who know!
Thanks Brad.

Yep, don’t forget the flip side is true too: don’t delete the midi file or Cantabile won’t be able to find it.

And that works fine for me because I revisit these songs periodically and sometimes need to make musical changes. And so I always have it there and I don’t lose it! Thumbs up.:relaxed: