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OK, I’ll bite, I have some thoughts on it but would like to know how you were going to do the Key switching if it was supported. Are you wanting to use buttons on the 49 controller? If so you can try using bindings like this that take the CC output from your controller buttons and converts it to MIDI notes that you use to hit the key-switches. The only worry is that you don’t use want CC numbers that the Hammond plug already has reserved so that would need attending to. Anyway this works for your case I think if I’m getting it. In effect your are adding the extra couple of reverse colored keys to the 49’er using the buttons …



Hi Dave

Yeah hardware buttons, or pads. So, if I touch a hardware button, it activates the black “B” note. I touch another hardware button to activate the white “Bb” note. It should deactivate the other note when pressed…at least that’s the way it works manually. I wish the buttons representing the key switches on the Controller page were MIDI assigned…would make this easier. Thanks for taking a stab at it.


Sure, re-read my original post, I added the fix I had in mind there :slight_smile:


So you fixed this earlier?


Well no, I meant I edited the post where i offered help to include my idea. It had the bindings I had in mind shown there in a pic …


“Ah…I see” said the blind man.

Will give it a shot and get back to you.



Not working. Also tried triggering with other notes…no go.


Strange, it works here, is the BX3 in a rack? Just wonder what you routes look like to the plugin … I will PM


Many thanks to @dave_dore !! If others want to know how to use controller pads to change key switches on B-3X, this is how we did it.

Controller pads, for the most part, do not transmit CC numbers…they transmit notes. Something I had forgotten, but was so evident in the MIDI monitor…my bad. Since developers decided they would be “drum” pads, they set them to transmit on MIDI Channel 10, and aligned the notes to MIDI drum notes standard.


Acoustic Samples B-5 Version 3 released …




I smell new presets. :grin:


Acoustic Samples B5-V3 was just reduced to 69 Euros !!!


Stumbled across Reese Wynans watching the Allman Bros 50th anniversary concert. That led me to Reese Wynans and Friends 2019 “Sweet Release”. One of my favorite drummer/bass pairs, Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon are on most songs. Great B3 playing that’s nicely situated in the mix.


Nice layout. I just watched the whole video. It was a very deft presentation that has me seriously considering buying it.