Corky’s VST Organ Tips and Tweaks Page 🎹


Thanks everyone for the help and Corky for the topic! I know I was a late comer to this discussion. I have a show coming up and I would like to have it dialed in (mostly).


If you need more help let me know. You can PM me as well if you like. Can help you tame Blue3 if you want to also go that route. I am using 5 different Hammond VST’s, and each one is useful for particular songs.




THIS IS IT! I’m happy- I have achieved The Sound. No, it’s still not identical, the eq is still slightly off and the left hand isn’t as meaty; it could still be tweaked. But if I were in a Yes cover band I’d say this was generally close enough :wink:

Corky I tried yours too and I liked it. I was in a rush though so I don’t know if I had every setting exactly nailed. BTW this time I do have screen pictures, when I upload the from my phone I’ll add them here.

Wave Arts Tube Saturator:

Apparently I forgot to get the setup page of the Leslie but I think the other settings are fairly inconsequential.


It’s definitely close. Been listening to the two side by side, and only two things I suggest…a little less grit, and a little more sparkle and less mid (probably EQ). You definitely are there. Your grit sound is perfect, but the real version has less of it. Otherwise, I really like it. :grin: Drive that sound thru a huge sound system and the walls will rattle!!


Yep, the exact level of drive is crucial. I kept turning it up and down lol It sounds good to me in the opening chords but in that next section it’s clearly too much. I actually decided I just liked the extra midrange even though it’s not in the original Hearing it in a mix I might pull it our though… and I didn’t quite go mono either.


After all this time, you are finally there. :smiley:


Now what is there to life? I feel like Ahab with no whale.



I know this ain’t your bag, but I love this sound Paul Carrack has going (hate his fn hat, lol). I’ve been covering this tune for years, I think I am finally close to it. Maybe @Ade will have some insight on this since he got to hear it a lot. :smiley:


I would like any tweakers advice on using two Leslies. I imagine there are more than one hookup and speed configurations. I think someone said Goldie McJohn used that type of setup some too. Any info appreciated.




He did. Someone reported back in the day he was using 4 on stage.

If you have IK Leslie, there is a cabinet with two horns and two drums. I can get you a Steppenwolf sound, cause I gots it already. Forgot what vsts you have tho.

Correction…Blue3 RA200…not IK


Are you kidding, I love Paul! Love Tempted and I liked Ace as well. I’ve played all kinds of stuff down through the years!


I do a lot of his stuff. Very underrated. Great work with Mike & The Mechanics, although I think @Ade did all the keyboard work. Have you seen this:


Well, the next holy grail heavy rock sound is Gimme Some Lovin, I guess. That’s a tough sound to nail.


Actually, it’s not hard…people just don’t listen to it. I have it pretty close (cause I’ve been playing it for yrs), but not with all these newer vsts.


Well again, it’s getting that overdrive at just the right creaminess. But with this setup it shouldn’t be far off the YIND sound.



Steve Winwood with his 2 Leslies



From what I know, in the day, 2 Leslies were used to boost your volume over guitar amps. Of course, we all remember the crappy sound systems then. Adding another Leslie boosts the volume around 3 dB. If you separated them, there was a heaven like stereo sound. If you put them side by side, there is a big boost in the drum output, which would explain the extra distortion in the bass frequencies.


It is quite close to that. Winwood always has a great Hammond sound.


My trial 2 Leslies. Notice the pan settings for the Leslies. Blue3 is running DI out


Kieth Emerson had up to 6 hot-rodded Leslies onstage at one point and I’m pretty sure they were all cranked. ELP was un-godly loud.

Are you getting any weird phase cancellation from that set-up? I’d try panning them apart from each other a little…


No weird phase. They are panned hard left and right. If you set different fast and slow speeds, and different acceleration and deceleration on each, there is a nice swirly sound AND it really adds a nice distortion from the drums, which could explain that low distortion on YIND. Could Tony Kaye be using 2 Leslies like everyone else at that time? Hmmmm