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It’s funny but I’m just now remembering, that I thought I owned the full AmpliTube 3 at one point when it was just the Custom Shop version.


Here’s my Tony Kaye sound… it’s closer than I think I’ve ever had. It’s still not exact, I did it based on my memory of the sound and when I a/b’ed it to the original it’s a bit too meaty mid-range. Probably selecting a different organ model would mail it.


Hey, it sounds truly great and muscular :muscle:t3: on its own, but I’d be worried of this sound in a band context - it’ll completely dominate the frequency spectrum and compete with the bass and the low guitar range. For band usage, I’d simply put an EQ after it and do a broad Q dip somewhere around 250-350 Hz (plus possibly a highpass around 100Hz) to give the rest of the team a chance to play their bit…




Care to share with what and how? :wink:


@Torsten- I totally agree, and that’s some of the subtle difference between this and Tony’s actual sound. Plus there’s just something sweeter about his distortion in the upper treble range. That’s the kind of minute detail that you can stay up until 5 am every night killing yourself over :smiley:

@Corky I’ll get screen shots tomorrow if I can but here’s what I remember: VB3 v2 with its internal overdrive set to about 12 c’clock into IK with the amp bypassed and I think, the 122A cabinet. I did add some random tube overdrive into the chain before the Leslie but I forget what, and I may play with switching that out to get that last bit of the sound it’s missing. The mics were set to 180 degrees, not quite mono (like, 10 and 2 o’clock) and not too far. So the bulk of the sound is stock GSi and IKM. I’m become somewhat convinced that I like the sound of the Leslie with the amp bypassed and the overdrive coming from somewhere else. I think I may have settled on the C3 1965 model in VB3 as well. That’s where you can go flippin’ nuts. Such subtle differences.

Edit- listening back to Tony’s again. It’s definitely a scooped sound, a warm low and then not a lot of low mid at all (that 250hz dip) and a high mid to high peak which he could get away with because Steve Howe was using such a jazzy tone.


That’s what I discovered in mine. It has a hollow, scooped sound to it, and there is also a slight shimmer to it.


@FredProgGH Call me a novice but that was SICK! Great job. What setup did you use? VB3 or Blue3?


I still need to try yours…

howifeel, it was VB3. check out the last part of my post :wink:

Tried some eq- it helps but I think some of it is drawbar registration too. I’m all out, I think he may have some of the uneven harmonic drawbars back a bit.


It is. If you look at my screen shots, you will see what I was going for. EQ only did so much, so I knew it had to be drawbars.


Wow, that looks more extreme than I would have thought… I’ll play with it though. Tony was generally an 888888888 kind of guy but apparently not in this case :smiley:


He probably had to tone it down to give the band some space, lol.


Yeah probably exactly that :wink: For the times they had the weirdest sound, too- bass player that was all treble, drummer who needed a snare higher and ringy-er than the drummer, guitar player with no fuzz who couldn’t play blues and a singer higher than all of them :smiley:

For most of the time I had a real Hammond my standard setting was about 888864033. More or less.


So, I have been working with VB3 and Blue3 trying to get the Leslies to sound okay. I don’t have time or money as I am also in school. I can’t get the sound I want with their built in Leslies. I am seeking to get the IKmm Leslie in the hopes it will do better. Have to wait until it is cheap. It is insulting the way they conduct business, and I won’t pay full price because it is not an absolute necessity, I just bought Blue3 and I don’t like IKmm ethics in product sales/dist. As my Dad used to say, “You can have all the toys, but you still have to play. An accomplished musician can make a mediocre instrument sound good.” I can make a great instrument sound like crap. He made sure to let me know that (actually he didn’t, but you could tell when his feedback was more encouraging and less genuine).

Seems the slow speed in the associated Leslies for VB3II and Blue 3 is more acceptable, but when engaging the fast, the ugliness comes forward. I agree with Corky that it affects my playing. I like the VB3II organ, but the leslie took a step back. If I could have the VB3 Leslie and the VB3II organ going through it, I would be happy. Looking at that tomorrow.

I really like Blue3, but whats up with all the Volume settings turned up to unpleasantly (digitally maybe) distort every patch. I am having to set the volume on every patch. I am a stickler for giving the sound man a consistent level so he can focus on the stupid lead guitarist and lead vocalist who sandbagged him at soundcheck.

No…I am not critical at all. I love listening to Bill Burr.


Nope. Can’t create audio in to VB3 1.4. Bummer.


You can- you should have VB3 FX as an audio plugin.


Hey John

I will be glad to help you with this. How about I build you a rack with what you need? That way you can see how to get this going without all the headaches. Will post it soon.



To add to what Fred said on this, the 32 bit download includes the VB3fx dll but you would also need jbridge installed and then … liftoff!



VB3 II with VB3fx.cantabileRack (15.1 KB)
Here you go.

Disable the rotary on VB3 II (rotary toggle). You will also need to route your controller to both midi inputs so you can control fast/slow switch on VB3fx.


Ah right, was it 32 bit only? I reverted back to x86 anyway because the 64 bit version of VB3 was causing nothing but trouble. jBridge is definitely your friend.


Thanks Corky! I am going to try that tonight. I was up late, messing with my vst hammonds, then had to go back to work after 4 hours of sleep. I plan to uninstall vb3 1.4 64bit, then install vb3 32bit, then see if I need jbridge.