Corky’s VST Organ Tips and Tweaks Page 🎹

Hi Corky and Torsten. I think I understand that I am too many.
There is no need for you to create a new group. Leave it as it is.
At this point I leave, I will not intervene anymore, I will limit myself to observing and learning.
I wrote to Brad to apologize to you.
I do it even now, both of you and others I may have bothered with.
I greet you dearly, I hope the best things for you all.


This not a slam to you. This is an organizing of documents and videos to help newer users learn the mechanics of Cantabile faster. This has been discussed several times in the past, but never really acted on. By all means, stay around and learn, and eventually teach me some things. There is absolutely no intention to run you away. The more the merrier. :smile:


Hi everybody.
I need help.
I was looking for some videos or some explanations on racks, but I’m a bit in trouble.
I couldn’t find what I’m looking for.
After @Torsten helped me with creating a rack with a VST organ, I wanted to make one that contains multiple organs, one with Pianos.
Could you tell me if there is any video or some targeted explanation for what I’m looking for?

All these available on Cantabile Website

Page 19 of this guide:


Thanks for the Tips, Corky

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Possible T-RackS Leslie VST3 bug.
I finally got around to playing with the IKM T-Racks Leslie last night. I was struggling to get the Slow/Fast to work with my pedal CC. I checked the Midi Monitor in C3 and I could see the CC at the midi input of the plugin, but it wouldn’t change speeds. After some ‘googling’ I saw a reference about the VST versions being different. I switched the plugin from VST3 to VST2 and then the CC switch began to work. I’m just mentioning it here in case anyone else encounters a similar issue. Or if someone might be able to confirm the bug.
Cheers - David

Hi David,

I will test it this evening and get back to you here.


@Sergio, please - before posting a question on such basics, always check:

You’ll get 95% of the answers from there - without straining others’ patience… Cantabile is a complex piece of software, but there are tons of resources available - some assembly required.





I believe you are right about a bug. VST2 works great. From all the things I’ve seen, and tried, VST3 “IS” a problem. Several people, have complained, and I also jumped on that train. My T-Racks haven’t been updated recently, so you might want to update with the product manager and see if they corrected it. I will do the same when I get a chance.



Hi Torsten.
I agree with you 100% !!
I had tried by myself looking for videos or explanations without finding the right rack combination.
The biggest obstacle to these difficulties of mine is the linguistic approach, English is not my forte.
I also emailed Brad, who gave me other valuable tips and tricks.
So, Torsten, thank you for your always kind help.
Sergio :+1:

Hey Corky, thanks for the confirmation! I just installed the Leslie and have been running the product manager regularly, so I’m pretty sure I have the latest version. Funny that during my Google search I didn’t see this issue reported anywhere. I guess I should submit a bug report to IKM. It makes me wonder how many people are using the VST3 version in T-RackS. I also purchased the Amplitube version (Group Buy), but I haven’t tested it yet.
Thanks - David

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The replies I saw were from several DAW forums. One person said it would work only when using a mouse click on speed switch. I will spend more time on it when I get through with weekend gigs, just in case I missed something.

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Hi Corky and hi everyone.
I wanted information. I read a post from you with @Pierrick about the Line 6 pedal, I know you use it. I’m interested in Line 6 for Leslie and others commands (e.g.: Fast, Slow, Brake, Sustain, up/down states) and volume / expression. Could you suggest a video or explanations in particular where I can understand how to “move” with Line 6 for its configuration? Thank you in advance!

Hi Sergio

The Line 6 is setup in Cantabile as a Midi Controller. Basically, you can use the “learn” feature, or parameter learn to bind the Line 6 switches to whatever you want within the plugin. As far as state changes, I created a binding in the “background rack” to change states, since I use it in every song. That way it is universal to every song…no need to repeat the binding in every song.
I don’t use the pedal switches for Leslie speed (but I could very easily), because of the 55 years I’ve been playing Hammonds, most were fitted with a Half-Moon switch. So, it is a long gained habit, and I find it more comfortable to use the key controller “Mod Wheel” for Leslie speed. Just my choice. A few Hammond plugs have conveniently set the brake at half way point on the mod wheel.
I am not aware of any videos showing the process you are seeking. But, here is the binding info from Brad’s excellent manual:

BTW…if you plan to use multiple pedal switches to control many things, it would be smart to use a pedal with more than four switches, which is all my pedal has. My pedal is all I need, and conveniently fits perfectly under my rig, alongside my sustain pedal. The expression pedal on the Line 6 works perfectly as the “swell” pedal on all the Hammond plugins.

What kind of pedal do you have? I was thinking Line 6 because it also has the expression pedal. Does your pedal have it?

A Line 6 FBV MKII. It is made to use with Helix Amp Sim software, but it works well as a midi controller.

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This is the pedal I am interested in and I would like to use it as a Midi Controller

it doesn’t cost much, around 100 €

Yeah…I got mine at the local Guitar Center. It was a demo model and I got it for $60 U.S. I just got lucky that day!