Copying plugin snapshots between 2 different instances of plugin

Does anyone know if you can copy a snapshot of a plugins settings/parameter from one plugin instance to another instance of the same plugin? I have 2 separate instances of the same NI Session Horns plugin with different settings in different racks. I created this during my learning phase which I still am in, and am prepping to consolidate plug in instances and racks, using rack or song states to get rid of duplicate plugins and racks in my live set to-be. it would be faster if I can copy the snapshot data from one plugin instance to the other and avoid manually tweaking all the midi range, key shifts, controllers etc. all over again.

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Not knowing what version you use, I will approach this from the Performer version. I have 1 Rack of Session Horns with different states, so I can change settings very quickly, and very easily. You can do a snapshot of one of the settings, then import it into the other rack. Let me gather some visuals and I will return.

This is from my organ thread:

Brad has given us a great tool with “plugin snapshots”. Using these, we can share any presets, from any plugin, without going through the many different ways to save presets within the plugin itself. This is the way I chose to share my presets. The added beauty to this is that only Cantabile users will be able to use these presets. Cantabile v 3632 and later is required. Many thanks to Dave Dore’ for an explanation on how to import the snapshot presets below:

Set your plugins preset model to Entire Plugin Snapshots. This ensures that all the automatable parameters plus any unlisted setup parameters are stored in the snapshot


Make sure you are set to the correct preset model and Import the preset into whatever preset slot you want by selecting the preset slot first and then doing the import when you receive it from another user

If you have a series of presets in the numbered slots they can also be shared as Banks “CantabileBank” by Exporting in the same way you did the Programs (presets)

Do a snapshot of the rack setting you are going to keep, save it. Go to the 2nd rack, do a snapshot, export it(program) to any location, then import it to the 1st rack. Then you can set up states.

Hot dang Corky! To my rescue again. You are a Cantabisage. You just saved me a ton work. I will follow this step by step. BTW, I’m relatively new and am working with the latest Performer version.

I’m in Houston and I’d buy you a beer, wine, mead, grog, whiskey, Ouzo, Aquavit, or whatever your poison if I could.

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With the quarantine, an ice cold draft sounds good. :grin:

If you need more help with it, let me know…I’ll be up a little while longer.

Have you tried the “copy program” / “paste program” function? Works for me for most instrument plugins…

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And then there is that too. Don’t know why I keep forgetting that function. :wink:

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Sorry for reviving an old thread but I felt it was pertinent.

I’m working with up to 16 instances of the same plugin for live mixing and would like to know if there is a way to automatically share banks between instances of the same plugin. As I work and create new individual presets for a single instance it becomes a bit cumbersome to re-import the most up-to-date bank to all instances.

I’m planning on setting up a mixing control surface that will require a fixed relationship to specific instances of the plugins, so in order to re-order the channels it would be much quicker to just change presets instead of dragging things around and then re-programming the MIDI relationships to the control surface.

Let’s say I have a kick on plugin instance 1 (essentially channel 1) and a snare on instance 2/channel 2. If I need to invert them I’d need to do a dance involving saving/exporting/importing banks in each plugin instance to make sure that the channels retain their original settings. If I could just save each preset to a shared bank the presets would automatically be available at any time in either instance as soon as I’d need them. Working live can be stressful and the more clicks required to complete an operation the more chances for errors.

Is this doable?