Copying or converting existing bindings into rack

Hello, I have a plugin (Melda SuperLooper) which I control from a Lauchpad. It has many bindings which kind of grew from an experiment. Now I am thinking it would be better to have it as a rack that I can import into some pre-existing sets. Is there a way to convert a plugin and associated bindings into a rack or do I need to rebuild the bindings - which took some time! Any thoughts would be much appreciated!


You can copy-paste bindings, but be aware that the source will be the original port, not a port in the rack.

To copy, just select the bindings you want, Ctrl-C, then open the rack and open the bindings tab, and Ctrl-V.

Thanks Torsten - I was thinking I would need to be mindful of the port

Also, as I’ve discovered this week while doing similar, moving my hardware racks into a common rack, the states need to be changed to rack states rather than song states in the bindings if you are using states for program changes, for instance.

I did a search and replace to the rack file (a text JSON file) to update the various routings from “Output blah” to “Rack: MIDI Out” and “Input blah” to “Rack: MIDI In.”


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Thanks Terry - all useful info!