Copy Objects Between Songs?


Hi, I currently have a bit of a task in merging stuff form songs in an old set list to a new one.

I know I can do the following

  • Open Source Setlist
  • Open Source Song
  • Copy objects of interest to clip board
  • Open Destination Setlist
  • Open Destination Song
  • Paste objects of interest from clip board

But you have to keep doing it for different object types, so quite laborious

  • Bindings
  • Routings
  • Racks

I’ve looked, but I cannot find an easier way to open a destination song and say that I want to import objects from another song (a bit like Cubase’s import tracks from other project feature).

Am I missing something obvious? If such a feature does not exist, it would be most useful!


Hi Derek,

Unfortunately there’s nothing like this at the moment. Interesting idea though. Logged it.



Hi, Brad

Thanks. It got my vote :slight_smile:

I ended up doing it the hard way as I had to sort it this weekend, just gone ready for a practice this coming weekend, and it was a bit laborious. But at least the cut and paste of objects was flawless. :slight_smile:

I have to say Cantabile continues to impress. I effectively was merging two set lists, and each slightly conflicted with each other and how they worked with States. But as ever, with Cantabile, there was a way to get them working together! The big challenge was the old set had Cantabile at the end of a keyboard chain, so was just doing click track and lighting duties. In the new setlist, I had Cantabile as a MIDI Hub in my new rig, and I had to bring those together.


I was thinking of that very thing the other day as I reworked my input into an abstract keyboard and thought, "Gosh it’s a pain to do this 60 times . . . "


Indeed. I think I had about 200 odd objects (Media players, racks, bindings…) to copy between songs to get them all merged