Copy and paste patch names to preset slots (request)

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HI Everyone,

I would like to be able to fast copy and paste text names from a plugin GUI’s preset manager to the snapshot slots in the standard cantabile preset system. Currently the process is a bit clunky for me. I first have to select and copy the name from the plugin GUI and then go to the C3 preset menu on the upper right, open the hamburger menu and select the rename function. Then I have to paste into the menu box provided and hit enter. If it were possible I would like to be able to

  • select the name text from the GUI using standard shortcut keys (Cntl C)
  • select the C3 snapshot slot name with a click
  • use Cntl V to paste it

Thanks, @brad for your consideration and input and if others would like this type of feature please chime in … :smile:




Hi Dave,

The big question here is whether the plugin is exposing the preset name through the VST API where Cantabile can get at it. If you switch the preset mode to “Use Plugins Programs”, do the preset names appear in Cantabile’s main window drop down?


For me setting the preset mode that way produces results that are plugin dependent, some do show the name as you asked, some show it in the hamburger but not in the slot box when the hamburger is closed even though there is only the one selection, some don’t show it at all, some ll have 128 program slots even in that mode. So a mixed bag of results …

However I am still able to copy the text names from the GUI name fields to the preset slot name fields when in the Entire Snapshot mode using my method above. This was the mode I was hoping I could use those copy paste shortcuts I also described above.

I can post a more detailed explanation of what I am trying to do if it is needed …

Thanks for your reply :grinning:


So I could implement a command that copies the plugin’s internal preset name to the name of the current snapshot preset, but it would depend on the plugin whether this would work or not… some plugins doesn’t expose the preset name.

Yes, they don’t all behave the same that’s for sure and a command like that would be helpful for sure. What would help me too would be that if instead of having to open the plugin hamburger to access the Rename Program command I could paste using Ctl + V the text that was in the copy buffer regardless of where I copied it from directly into the preset name text field.

That way even the names copied from elsewhere or plugins that don’t show to C3 can still be copied into the copy buffer and fast pasted into the snapshot slot’s name field.