Copy and Clone Paste Plugin

Is there any way to clone parameters from one plugin to another? Using the copy function and paste it into other state or song, you indeed get the plugin and it’s parms, but you then have to delete the old one and then reroute to the copy.

I think it would be all too cool to be able to clone the parms using a copy and special paste. It would be a time saver for those of us who are constantly tweaking.

Let me know your thoughts and Brad can comment on it.

Doesn’t the patch save facility effectively give you that?

Yes and No. From my experience, you can create a list of plugin presets to work with but you have to rebuild that list for the next time you use the plugin. It seems wasteful to use a rack for that, but I guess you could.

I recently got a plugin that doesn’t have preset management, and leaves that to the host. In that case the rack is critical.

Some plug ins have mountains of parameters, spread over pages.
Sounds like what would be needed is a way to take the data that constitutes a patch save, and place that into a buffer. Then the special paste would apply that buffer to the destination as a patch load - as long as its ID matched the source. I think that could be useful.

What about “Copy Program” - “Paste Program” in the plugin editor hamburger menu?

Works for me when copying patches between instances of the same plugin.




Thanks for pointing out that option. That is a good start on basic patch management.

I believe my cloning idea would be very easy for Brad. You can already copy and paste the existing plugin. Cloning is just a “special paste” to replace the existing one.

Could you use a Linked Rack? That would carry States and Programs from one use to the next.

Yes, I am using a Linked Rack in a number of my songs. But I have found limitations such as not being able to Bypass a rack (unless you have some workaround for that).

I have other situations which I prefer not to be restricted to rack states.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy right now. The “Cloning” or “Special Paste” was just an idea for Brad to consider.