Copy a Binding?


I’m rebuilding some songs and I have a simple binding that routes my mod wheel to the pitch of an oscillator in a synth. I want to copy this binding to the new version but I can’t figure out any way to copy a whole binding- just individual fields, which does no good. Am I missing something? Surely there’s a way to save bindings. I mean, I can redo it, but you wouldn’t think you’d have to. There are bindings that are basic you’d want to be able to call up and use as standard. In fact, I’d like to be able to do this with key splits and other things as well. I have to be missing something. There don’t seem to be any topics addressing this.

Select the source column for the binding you want and it will highlight. Right click and select copy. You can now paste the whole binding to other songs or racks. Ctrl+ left click for multiple binding select and copy.

OK, I feel like I tried that but I’ll give it another go. Hadn’t thought about trying to just select multiple fields at once. It still means if you want to recreate a binding you’ve used before you have to close the song you’re working on, find the song with the binding, copy it, reopen the song where you want to put it… it would really be nice to just be able to save them and then use an “add existing binding” dialog.

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In the same way that filters are often reemployed, I think there’s a great case for being able to save and recall bindings and binding collections, nothwithstanding that Cantabile would need to make assumptions about the source and destination.
How do you suggest dealing with the binding from, say, a specific synth control to a specific destination - neither of which exist in the current song?

Not sure… first guess, a pop-up dialog for invalid fields asking for valid destinations… or you could just down and dirty with an error message saying the binding is inapplicable for that particular situation.

Here’s an interesting experiment;
Make a rack with a given plugin and create bindings in that rack.
Swap out the plugin.
The bindings auto reattach to the new plugin, I guess using the ID number of the parameter.
What we can glean is that Cantabile can make a decision to connect if the original plugin isn’t available. There’s no reason to assume the assignation will make any sense at all, but at least the structure of the bindings can be saved and reimported for copy/pasting or plugin replacement.
Seems to me that any potential problems that a dedicated file system for bindings might induce can be tested right now. Maybe it’s even enough?