Converting MIDI Program Changes to Midi Notes

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My midi controller (Art X-15 Ultrafoot) doesn’t natively send MIDI Notes. On my Mac, I can convert Program Changes to Notes using a little app called MidiPipe. On Windows however, nothing really exists other than Bomes MIDI Translator which assumes everyone knows Hexadecimal!!!

Is it possible using Cantabile’s MIDI Filters to do what I need?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Russ & Welcome to the Forum!

What you want to do can be done with bindings but they are only available on Solo & Performer versions. The current filters can’t do a PG change to note as far as I know. FWIW the binding would look like this



Hi Dave, thank you! Great to be here!

I’m using Solo, so I’ll give the bindings route a go and see how far I get. It’s a shame Cantabile isn’t available for Mac!