Converting a midi cc track to a list of bindings?

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I’m curious if there’s a way to take a midi (CC) track recorded in C3 (playing in a media player) and get it to show up in the bindings page for further editing? For instance, I would record a midi cc message track in C3 then get it to show up in the bindings page. After fine tuning the “on position” binding turn off the midi player and just use the bindings to send the cc midi commands to my guitar processor.

Hi @Leroy,

There’s nothing like this in Cantabile and not sure the bindings panel is the place for doing these kinds of edits. Better would be some sort of dedicated MIDI editor.



Thanks @brad for your reply.

Is there a way to navigate the time line only using the metronome as the master? Right now I have to go back to the beginning everytime I need to check my bindings.

Can you not just make the media file the master?

I’m working on a song that’s 83bpm and when I make a media file (audio) the master it defaults to 120bpm.

Ah, ok… sounds like you recorded it in realtime format. Next time try going to Settings -> Recording and changing the MIDI Time Format to one of the Musical formats that way it’ll capture the tempo in the recording.

Got it, I thought it might be something like that.