Conversion to new preset models

Some of my racks use rack states to control plugin automation parameters via state behaviour, using a single pseudopreset.

I’d like to move over to using the roughly equivalent “Parameter sets” preset model, so the plugin’s state behaviour can revert to program selection, and all the parameters are stored in parameter set pseudopresets. What’s the best way to migrate all the settings over? Every time I try, I seem to manage to overwrite my sounds, usually when selecting a new parameter set to store into.

I guess I could save fxp files for the plugin in each rack state, the load them all in one by one for each pseudopreset. But is there a more streamlined way?


I guess that’s a no then! Surprising, I thought other people would stumble into the same issue.


Hi Neil,

I looked at this but the only idea I had was that instead of saving the fxp style disk presets you could

  • load the vst parameters in to pseudo preset slot 1 using the existing system you have starting with the last state in the rack

-since it will load to preset slot 1 you copy the program there and paste it into the desired pseudo preset slot number you want

  • then you go back to slot one and move to the next rack state to call the next settings up and repeat the process filling in the correctly numbered preset slots until you get to the 1st slot which remains there.

Once all finished you can change the plugin & rack state behaviors to your new method. It’s not elegant but it does accomplish the task I think.




Cheers Dave, good idea, that’s certainly a bit easier than saving everything as fxp files!