Controlling two states of one VST with a foot pedal?

Need to ask the really “cluey” users how, if at all possible, could I do this…

I want to use a VST with two instances, one with a particular effect on, and the second instance with the effect off (not controllable within the VST itself hence the need for two instances)

So can I use one footswitch to turn off one state and turn on the other, and do the reverse? Or another “non-state” method to accomplish the same. Not really possible to do by hand as they are busy with other stuff - hahaha like playing!

I’m doing something similar with song states. I a, using a foot pedal to mute/unmute media files, so assume you can do the same with two VSTIs

Are you sure you do not have access to the effect on/off via MIDI automation?

thx - haha yeah I’m sure :slight_smile: hmmm, well its sorta kinda but I need one press to turn one state off and another state on at the same time…maybe I cna set something up where in each instance I set the pedal parameters reverse - not sure if I can do that in C3 - I’ll need to check. It can be done on a Casio PX5s which I don’t use anymore.

I would really think you could create a binding to just turn the effect on and off within the plugin- the cleanest method. I assume it wouldn’t be hard to mute and unmute two instances of the plugin with the same pedal press via two bindings. Why not just have two states and go back and forth?

Anyway, turning the effect on and off seems best to me unless that’s just not supported within the plugin.

Also, Why not have to effect be external to the plug and control it that way? Lots of options.

My point is, that you can use song states to do this. In State 1, VSTi 1 is active, 2 is inactive. In State 2 it is reversed. I am using a switch on my Line6 Helix to send a MIDI CC which Cantabile receives. There is a small frig, I will have to capture and explain when I next turn my laptop on to generate two CCs (one for State 1 and one for State 2).

It might also help if you let us know what VST you are talking about. Perhaps there is somebody here who knows it in depth? As I said above, as does Fred, parameter automation on the effect would be much better, and it would be a strange plug in if it did not allow that.

Fred’s suggestion of replicating the effect as an external plug in, which you can control is also a good one.

Here is a way with no state changes, just a double toggle binding to 2 instances of diva, one with reverb on and the other with reverb off, same patch. Works fine here.

here’s the routing example, you just make sure one diva is suspended and the other is on :

and here are the bindings :

All done from one state. Hope this helps … :slight_smile:


Thanks Dave, I had figured it out using states and two instances, but your scheme looks a bit neater…might give it a go :slight_smile:

How is the toggling done? In the picture it seems both will be on or off…

No, as long as you have them set up like the picture the toggle will flip them both back and forth; one will always be the opposite of the other.

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Yep @FredProgGH is right on. Glad you got some progress made. If you use this way just remember to save the Song with the suspend switches set correctly for your first vst you want active. Then the switch will just bounce back and forth between the two vsts with one press.