Controlling Propresenter from within Cantabile

I play in a worship band where the song lyrics are sent to a projector from a separate pc, but we have a staff shortage at the moment. Is there a way of controlling this second pc from within Cantabile, which is on my stage laptop? The slides actually advance forwards and backwards with left and right arrow keys, or with a presentation controller, in much the same way as Powerpoint does.

Hi David,

If the program that does the slides has MIDI control you might be able to control it from yours using rtpMIDI via a LAN cable. If those items check off you should have the makings to create the Cantabile bindings to do it.


Thanks Dave. I’ll look into it, but our Propresenter expert has just been rushed into hospital so I might have some techy detective work to do!

You could use Bome Midi Translator to convert MIDI to keystrokes on the presenter PC, so

  • send MIDI from Cantabile to the presenter PC via rtpMIDI
  • convert to left / right keystrokes and send to the presentation software via Bome

All done - and no need to understand the presenter software :wink:


Nice! Yes, indeed. I was going to suggest that, as well. I have used Bome to launch videos from VLC for performance.