Controller to sysex mapping [solved]

Is it possible in C3 to map a continous controller to sysex data? Example:

Mod Wheel value 00 is mapped to F0 43 10 4C 03 01 23 00 F7
Mod Wheel value 7F is mapped to F0 43 10 4C 03 01 23 20 F7

The source values 00 - 7F should map in a linear fashion to the target values 00 - 20.

The application would be to control a DSP effect parameter using the Mod Wheel.

I think you can do this with ‘MIDI Filter’

You can set two Filter Items:

  1. Reasign CC1 value to Target values
  2. Encode to sysex

Thanks for this hint (I was trying a Binding, which can map to sysex too, but lacks the flexibility of MIDI Filters).

Using the popup Menu for “Generate Sysex” at the MIDI Filter dialog I found a help entry linking to

which contains the info I was seeking desperately.

@Brad: This guide is neither listed in, nor in the PDF version of the guides. I think it would have helped me to find this link right at the beginning. Just a suggestion.

With the additional guide I should have all the info I need, I’ll give it a try this evening.


I’m almost there…

This works like a charm, but lacks the mapping from the source range 0-127 to the target range 0-20. A simple scaling should do, but I found that the sysex macros won’t work in this context. Any takers?

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I have tested and it works perfekt…

set your Cursor Focus on your Output Port and Open ‘View’ ‘Midi Monitor’ now you can see the result

Your first Filter Item must be >>> Controller Map ! >> Reasign 0-127 to 0-20


Chaining the filter items… awesome. Thx a lot.

yeah ! …it’s very cool because the target values are automaticaly in hex