Controller to ProgramChange..How to do?

It is not possible to enter a program number here.

(On Event CC93 I want to send Programm 91)

Are you sure, I think that binding would map the value of cc93 as the pg# it sends out so it doesn’t have that field.

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Ok… thanks for your help.

At first I tried to map the value with a filter …
but somehow the PC was always sent twice … I will have to test this way again

You need to use “Controller (Button)” or “Controller (No Edge Button)” as the source - then you can specify the program change. These two sources are “Event” bindings, whilst “Controller” is a “value” binding.



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Thank’s Torsten …that’s what I need!

With Controller (Switch) it works perfekt because i have got a Footswitch that sends 0/127 …so i can directly route this event to the ProgramChange for ‘Break’ on ArrangerKey Combined with Lighteffect like ‘Blinder’ very …GREAT !!!

Cheers, Jürgen