Controller Problem


My main 88 key controller is having contact issues on D3. Everytime I play that note, it is twice as loud as any other note, no velocity at all, and really steals from my playing. Until I have a chance to tear it apart and check the contacts out, is there a feasible way to suppress the gain on that note through a filter on the keyboard input? I am currently experimenting with the idea, but would really appreciate any other ideas.



Are you saying your D3 note is outputting velocity 127 all the time?

In that case as a stopgap measure, you could create a rack to filter your keyboard input. In this rack, create two routes:

  1. from MIDI input to MIDI output, with one MIDI filter:suppress events --> Note D3
  2. from MIDI input to MIDI output, with two MIDI filters in sequence: a) suppress events (suppress all controllers etc, allow only note D3), b) Velocity/Controller Curve; set maximum output value where you want it to be.

Now your D3 will at least be as quiet as you set it to be in filter 2b - but no dynamics (if your keyboard only outputs 127, Cantabile can’t guess what velocity you meant to play), so there’s no way around your having to fix the issue at a hardware level.




Hi Torsten

Yes D3 seems to be 127 all the time. Thank you for info…I am starting on it right now. I would rather it be completely off or barely audible than sticking out like a sore thumb. This will get me through until I can get a day to fix it (hope).:grinning:

Many thanks