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Hi all,

As I’ve implemented Cantabile/VSTis more into multiple bands/shows, I’ve found there is a feature I really miss, or perhaps I just haven’t found it.

My setup consists of a “basic” 88 key piano board and a “knobby” upper board. I currently alternate between a Nektar Panorama P4 and an Arturia KeyLab 49 Mk2. They are programmed approximately the same way for convenience, I keep one in the studio and one in a flightcase.

I always have three or four faders set up for level control of my various sounds, this is fairly easy to remember as I’m consistent on the leftmost fader being the bottom keyboard et cetera. But I also need “variable” controls, for instance an autopan control on my Rhodes, a resonance and filter control on a synth, a delay mix control. I don’t have enough knobs to always keep this consistent and dedicate one control for one thing. I know that this is not a problem for Cantabile and I can map per patch. But I would really like some kind of visible software layer between the synth/plugin and my controller. The bindings screen gets messy very quickly and is hidden most of the time. It’s really hard to keep track of what controls what. In (don’t hit me) MainStage you draw these controllers on screen that you can then assign to a source and a parameter. Something like that would really help. Ideally they would also remember and show their position per patch as my controllers have encoders, not potmeters, but I think this might be impossible from the midi control protocol.

How does everyone else solve this?


Maybe you need something like this?

each of this sliders and Knobvalues are stored in Cantabile Racks so I can have for each songstate specific values


This is the reason I voted for the Mixer Panel feature as described in this Trello card.

My nanoControl Studio has 5 layers for sliders and knobs. I use them the same way every song. Layer 1: Layer mix panel, Layer 2 Omnisphere editing (I use Omnisphere a lot). etc. For now I’m simply using notes to document the relevant slider and knob functions.

@Juergen’s approach looks like somerhing that might work, but I’m curious how difficult it is to configure…,



…no Problem, because you have only to link the Controller or note Values …also you would do it with a Hardware Controller.


Ahh - so are you saying Chameleon is two-way and will update the sliders onscreen to reflect your hardware slider values?



Answered my own question:

Capable MIDI Objects
Most objects in Chameleon have midi support, and allow you to send, and also receive midi commands for controlling other midi programs. Objects capable of this will reveal MIDI Out, or MIDI In parameter. Midi parameters have a valid range in which they operate, and if the midi values become out of range, an object will stop sending MIDI signals.



Yes Terry that’s for me a great solution to bring everytime all Values on the Screen that I need.

at First I experimented with but this is to built VST-Controller and that’s to heavy for me.

But this is easy to use for normal cases…

…but also you can built heavy stuff like my calibration Tool for my Movers
here I can set all the important references for my lightsoftware to shot the Lightbeam exactly to the target i want …and store all values in an embedded Rack.

Cheers Jürgen


The link in your post is not correct @Juergen.
I think you meant


I bought it Jürgen! This is great! ($10 well spent.)



i hope for some usefull updates for the future…
at the moment not all controlls work with midi in and out but I think there is comming an update
that brings some good things…

…the developer is not so fast than brad or Mathieu (from Lightjams) …so I dont know when it is.

But at the moment I can do all that I want with it