Controller bar to send MIDI CC


Is it possible to use the Controller bar in Cantabile to send MIDI CCs to external devices?
I’ve found where I can create a binding in a background rack to receive a CC from the Controller Bar and then send another CC out from that, but that seems somewhat redundant.

Even using triggers from buttons on the controller bar to send to the background rack would be a cleaner approach.

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Take a look at the Monitorpanel to see what happens …best to see whats going out/in and from where…

Controller Bar goes directly to Onscreen Key(you can see there)



Hi Juergen. Yep, I’m aware that the controller bar sends MIDI to Cantabile via the onscreen keyboard. What I want to do is use the controller bar to send MIDI to external devices (via an Out port instead of an In port).

In this instance, I want to use the controller bar to send CC10 out to an external MIDI device on channel 2.


ControllerBar >>>>Onscreen Key >>>>External

…you only have to route the Onscreen Key

The controller buttons are the virtual Knobs of your OnscreenKey


Oh!! Hahaha, I get what you’re saying now.
Thank you!


I spoke too soon.

I’ve got three MIDI ports in Cantabile.
In: XR18 (Default) - XR18, Onscreen Keyboard
Out: loopMIDI - loopMIDI port
Out:: XR18 - XR18

When I add Onscreen Keyboard as an assignment for Out: LoopMIDI, the CC event from the button still only shows up on the In: XR18 port.

Am I missing something?

(Can I just say I would love to be able to fire a trigger via a button? That would be perfect for what I’m looking to do.)


You need to create a route or a binding (whatever is easier) with Onscreen keyboard as the source and XR18 as the destination. For the route, you may need to create a filter to eliminate anything that you don’t want to arrive at your external keyboard:

I’ve set the route to only transmit CC11 - adapt to taste…

I usually prefer bindings for single-purpose connections. It could look like this:

This will send controller 11 data created by a slider on the controller bar to whatever is connected to “External Synth”.

BTW: I’d recommend to NOT name Cantabile’s logical MIDI ports after the actual hardware connected to them, but give them more “abstract” names. Makes things less confusing when you change out the hardware. So it’s better to call input ports “Main Keyboard” or “Upper Keyboard” instead of “XR18” - you may change your controller some time in the future and don’t want to have to change all your song files.




Thank you gentlemen, that’s got it sorted.