Controller Bar Layouts

Cantabile's controller bar now (as of build 3591) supports multiple layouts, where each layout stores the set of custom buttons you've configured as well as the visibility of the built-in buttons.

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I have wanted this for a while, many thanks @brad!!


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Awesome!!! This is really really helpful! :slight_smile:

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Excellent! I don’t suppose they store their configuration in a separate file?
At least, not yet? :wink:

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It stores all the layouts in the Settings file …

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Yes, that would be the icing on the cake - having two additional menu entries: export… / import… to move my stuff between my different machines and configs…

But for the moment, I guess I can copy the “controllerbar” section of the settings.json file

Thanx @brad!



Thanks guys. I didn’t anticipate the need for separate settings files for this.

Is this something specific to the controller bar, or part of a broader range of settings that need to be more easily moveable?

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Hey Brad,

I was pondering this today and made an rough outline of the Settings file main sections and here it is, if there is stuff missing just post it but I think this is the basic idea for that file …

Audio Engine Settings
Audio Input Ports
Audio Output Ports
Bindings Panel Layout
Controller Bar Layouts
Windows Environment Settings
General Cantabile Application Settings
Live Mode View State
MIDI Clock Settings
MIDI Input Ports
MIDI Output Ports
MIDI PG Change Formatting
Main Window Layout & Settings
Master Input Gain Settings
Master Output Gain Settings
Metronome Global Settings
Normal Mode View State
Racks Panel Layout
Recent Set lists
Recent Songs
Recorder Settings
Song Panel layout
Tempo Indicator
Tempo Presets
Time Signature Presets
Update Settings
Vst Plugin Paths and Settings

So, I was thinking, if the folks were wanting Controller Bar Layouts as a separate file then what else in that Settings file would be helpful as a separate file too. After looking at it this way the only thing from my perspective would be the tempo and time signature presets as a separate file. Either that or the ability to have the default trimmed down presets lists with an option to switch on all possible presets and time signatures. (currently you add new ones 1 at a time). The other thought was the panel layouts might be cool as a separate file so you can keep the look the same across multiple machines. Some items are obviously better left to each separate machine. I’m curious as to other people’s thoughts on this one …

Again, thanks for the feature Brad, I already have uses for 4 or 5 different types of Control Bars and have made 3 so far! Oh and I forgot to ask, is it possible to have it save the Control Bar choice with each song file?



While we’re on the subject…

I’d like to be able to show the currently selected State of a pair of Linked Racks on two buttons in the Controller Bar, but I can’t find a way to do it.

I also tried using ‘FirstPluginProgramName’ as a try-out, but it stays blank.

Thanks @brad, great addition!
I’m dreaming to have this controller bar visible in the WebUi…

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For my needs, just separating the controller bar configuration out of the main settings with the option to store it in a separate directory would be perfect (for me, in my Onedrive folder with the songs and racks and everything else).

Love the layout feature.

I would also appreciate the ability to lock the control bar. With a tablet touch screen it’s easy to accidently resize the buttons.

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Thanks guys… all comments noted.

Great feature with the controller bar buttons. I can now control simple DMX scenes sending an external midi note message through generic usb/'midi in/out dongle. One ask, anyway to create a second row of buttons and/or be able to position vertically to one side or another? I have about 12 buttons (or more if possible) to fit on my surface book tablet and I cannot see all of them when I detach the tablet part and put it in vertical mode to read my drum chart in show notes. Thanks for the consideration.


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Currently it’s limited to one row of buttons but you can create multiple sets (layouts) and switch between them. Also, don’t forget you can resize the buttons (place cursor between them) - perhaps you can shrink them down a bit to make them fit.