Control of a Linked Rack's internals from Song States?

I’ve hit a road-block here…

I have a Linked Rack, in which I don’t want to have States (I use this
Linked Rack in every Song, so I would need hundreds of Song-specific States!), but I DO want the Song to be able to change the Rack’s internal controls by Song State.

I’m having no joy trying to make this happen.

I can set the Rack’s internal controls to be capable of being controlled by the Song, but this only happens once on Song load, not as it steps through its States. Any change I make in the Linked Rack from one Song State to the next is ignored.

Have you activated “Exported State” in “State Behaviors” for that rack at song level? Once you do this, those exported controls should be state-specific.


That fixed it. Thank you!

I had everything set up correctly inside the Rack, but I hadn’t appreciated the need to switch that option on.

Still learning every day…

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Hi Elf,

Now that the issue is solved it would be interesting to see what you are using Song State to modify the Linked Rack for.


This is to support my 8-channel mixer Rack - the one I’ve shared here in another thread.

I put my mixer Rack in every Song and I route all my instruments (and backing track) to it.

I have a Behringer X-Touch connected to Cantabile. For each Song I create my mix using the X-Touch’s controls, and each State (now, thanks to Torsten!) saves the settings I create - fader position, solo and mutes.

I now have an interactive hardware front-end to my Cantabile mixes. It makes setting up a mix for each song really, really easy. My mixer Rack now also sends scribble-strip text to the X-Touch…

And it drives the X-Touch’s meters…

The X-Touch’s scribble-strip can be updated on each change of Song State, so it can display instruments, patch names, or even cue notes - anything, in fact.


It’s all there in the download.

The only thing anyone may need to do is to move the Sysex binding line from the Rack’s ‘On Load’ to the Song ‘On Load’. This is the line that contains the text for the scribble-strip and moving it to Song bindings permits the scribble-strip to be populated differently for each Song, and even for each Song State. I left it in the Rack so everyone has an example to start from.

Thanks for the explanation - I was thinking of getting an XR 18 - some of this may carry over to it