Control lights via DMX and Cantabile

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I just ordered two sets of Stairville clb2.4 lights

Currently I have several songs and all of them I play with a metronome and sequences.

I don’t know if it can be done… but I would like to make the lights change (as I want) according to the beat of the metronome, that way there will be some lights in the intro, others in the verse, choruses, etc… .

I suppose that for this I will need several things:
1-A kind of interface to connect DMX to the computer. Which one?
2-Some software to make the lights. I have no idea, so one that is easy to use and cool things can be done.
3-Synchronize in some way Cantabile and the metronome with the lighting software. As?

As you can see I have no idea about this topic, haha, it’s something totally new for me.
Let’s see if a colleague can bring me some “light” (pun intended, hehe) on this topic.

Thank you

Hi Felipe,

I am using exactly these light bars with my band setup - combined with five Stairville flood panels as fills for the back of the stage.

The light bars are used with static colors to provide color scenes, plus I have an “override” settings to set individual spots on both sides to warm white (while the rest keeps the static colors), so I can highlight the guitarist for a guitar solo or the lead vocalist for a song by giving them a warm white highlight.

The flood panels provide movement when needed - I have certain light settings, e.g. “rainbow”, “blue-purple”, “green-gold” for the floods that can take different forms: “static”, “pulsing” (modified “static” with a bit of movement in color and brightness), and “chaser” for different song feels

I’m not trying to sync the lights to the song - too much that can go wrong when not playing to backing tracks. I simply call up different combinations of “flood”, “front of house” and “spot” lighting for each song state.

To control these lights, I am using a free piece of software called DMXControl, running on a separate laptop (don’t want to compromise the performance of my Cantabile PCs). I set up my scenes in DMX control and control them from Cantabile by sending MIDI note-on commands to that laptop via rtpMIDI over a network.

Each of my Cantabile songs contains a shared “Lights” rack, which contains three sub-racks for floods, front-of-house and spots.

By selecting rack states, these sub-racks send the correct MIDI note-on out to a MIDI port. (binding target is rack-state-specific)

The three sub-racks’ selected rack states are exported from the lights rack to the song, so the song controls the state of the lights “from the outside”.

Now within the song, I set the state behavior of the Lights rack to “Exported State” - now I can make specific light settings for each song state that get saved with the song.

Setting up scenes, effects, overrides in DMXControl is quite a bit of a learning curve; be prepared to invest some serious time in learning all about light control.

Regarding DMX interfaces, this really depends on the software you plan to use - some of them bring their own proprietary interfaces (e.g. DasLight), others are only compatible with a certain range of products. DMXcontrol is pretty flexible - see here:

I use a simple USB DMX interface, the Eurolite USB-DMX512-PRO. Works nicely so far.

Hope this helps!



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As well as what Torsten has to offer, check out my Cantabile and DMXIS guide

There are lots of possibilities, depending on what you need.