Continued problems with linked racks

I have a linked rack with a copy of Amplitube 4. It is set up with 2 states, Tune and Play. In Tune a tuner is visible and audio is routed to it only. In Play the tuner is hidden and audio is routed to Amplitube. I have the Amplitube state behavior set up for Entire Bank at the song level only. There is nothing set to be updated by state change.


So I set the rack to Play and edit the amps and such. Then as soon as I change the rack back to the Tune state, Amplitube reverts all the changes I made. Why is this? Amplitube shouldn’t be affected by the rack state.

Amplitube.cantabileRack (25.8 KB)

Ok, for some reason unchecking “Let the parent song control this rack’s selected state and gain”, saving and rechecking it seems to have fixed it. Weird.


So this is STILL giving me fits. It is completely unreliable, and I can’t figure out why. The only solution I’ve found to be fairly reliable is to save my configurations in the “Program” drop down provided by C3 itself, and set the State Behavior for the plugin to save the Selected Program at the Song level. This works, but renaming the programs doesn’t save between sessions. Say I rename Program 1 to HarderToBreathe. When I switch between songs that use the same shared rack the program name stays. When I close C3 and reload it the program name reverts to Program 1.

While this may be functional and playable, if I can’t rename the programs then I will not know what the next available program is and could overwrite a program used in another song at some point. Not real safe.

Hi Jeremy,

I don’t have Amplitude but have had trouble with some VSTIs not liking “Entire Bank” check box. I went to all the behaviors that were parameters supplied by the plugin in the states behavior list and checking each box in the export to song column but never checking “Entire Bank”. The shortcut way to do this is to use Shift + left click to select the individual parameters in the states behavior list and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to check all the export to song check boxes. That will select all the Export to Song check boxes for the individual parameters. That fixed it on the ones that didn’t like Entire Bank and made it reliable.


That shortcut is awesome! Thanks.

The “Select everything BUT Entire Rack” method has saved my butt in the past with things like Kontakt. Unfortunately Amplitude has a whole crap ton of individual settings (amp selection, 50 knobs per amp, stomp boxes, etc.). C3 only recognizes about 15 parameters. There is no way that is going to keep a setting.

I did find a solution. I’ve been creating racks for all my inputs and outputs, so I took my Tuner/Play functionality out of the Amplitube rack and put it in my new _Guitar rack where it probably should be. Then I bound the selected Amplitube preset to the Selected Rack State On Load. Now I just name the rack states, and whatever program number the rack state is automatically sets the plugin preset number on rack state load. This technique also works well with selecting external hardware patches. :slight_smile:

Hi Jeremy

Pardon me if I misunderstand what you are trying to achieve. I use several amp sims, and some of them are really picky in the way C3 wants to run things. In many of them, including Amplitube 4, I will dial in the tone I want, and save it as a preset within the program itself. I am able to save that to the song, and in rack states. If you are trying to to use several different settings within that particular preset name, use the 8 buttons below the preset and save. Use parameters in C3 to bind to any of those 8 buttons. I haven’t tried it, but each button may be saved as a state also. Hope this helps. If I misunderstood…Sorry :blush:

The ideal solution would be to not need to use presets at all, but have C3 treat the Amplitube preset inside the rack basically like it wasn’t in a rack at all. The reason I use the shared racks is just to conserve resources on my limited 8 gig laptop.

This not being possible, afaik, I have resorted to using the presets.

That is mostly the way I do it. Save my own presets in Amplitube, save those presets as states within my Amplitube linked rack, let the song control the states. I have run into this on several plugs.