Connecting an external MIDI keyboard with MIDI ports

Hello everyone.
I use to play with Cantabile using my 2 midi keys (a M Audio Code 61 and a Arturia Keylab 49) plugged directly with USB.
It is possible in the future that there will be the need for the singer in our band to play some simple things on a keyboard so I thought I could use a M Audio Keystation 61 I already have that has a MIDI OUT port, plug it on a MIDI IN port of one of the other 2 keys or on the MIDI IN of the usb interface and play the necessary VST.
I tried some configurations and I found that, for some reasons, only the Code 61 sends Midi outputs to the other keys. ex: If I plug the MIDI OUT of the Code 61 to the MIDI IN of the Keylab 49 I can actually play what is assigned to the Keylab but if I do the opposite no input arrives in the Code 61. This obviously happens also using the Keysation 61 MIDI OUT.

I really can’t understand why this happens, has some of you any suggestions about this situation?
Thank you very much for this and past answers.

Hi Samuele,

It sounds like a channel problem. Since you are merging the 2 keyboards physically with the DIN cable connection Cantabile can only see the one USB MIDI port that Code61 provides. Since you have 2 controllers on that same port you would need to set the new Keystation controller to a MIDI channel to transmit on that is not used by the Code61 and then use MIDI channel selection on your Cantabile routes to separate the Code and Keystation up to send to your desired VSTi plugin. The default on Cantabile routes is to accept OMNI (all channels) coming in and routing them to the same channel they are coming in on. You can manually set the Source and Target channel numbers as well. In your case the Source Channel would be where you would do the work. For example, if the Code61 is sending on channel 1 then you would want to set the keystation hardware to send on say channel 5 (I think Code61 reserves the first 4 MIDI channels for it’s defaults on it’s 4 zone selections so hence my suggestion) or any thing but channel 1 and then use the Source channel setting on the Cantabile route to select Channel 5 instead of Omni. Your Code 61 routes would also need to be edited to be set to 1 instead of Omni. These steps would separate the 2 controllers IMO.



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The problem is that it seems that every keyboard works differently: before I stated that, when I plug the MIDI OUT of the Code 61 to the MIDI IN of the Keylab 49, Cantabile sees input coming directly from the “Keylab 49” (so from the keyboard itself) port and not from the “MIDIIN2 keylab 49” port. Now I retried the opposite connection so the Keylab 49 MIDI OUT was plugged to the Code 61 MIDI IN and Cantabile was receiving the input from the “MIDIIN2 Code 61” port, so I had to select on the VST I wanted to play this port as the input. Just like what I wanted with the Keystation 61, but still, if I plug the Keystation MIDI OUT to any other MIDI IN nothing happens, Cantabile doesn’t see any input coming, not from the “MIDIIN2” not from the other keyboards directly.