Confused with windows scaling

sometimes when I work with a big monitor it would be great to use a higher Main Window Scaling (Options)

but everytime i use it my vst editor window is to small and I have a grey border…

is there a way to maximize the VST always to 100% of the window size ???

…it only works full sized when Main window is on 100%

I’ve had similar issues and just attributed it to incompatibilities between the way Cantabile renders the VST UI’s and my laptop’s graphics. I have resigned myself to use the 100% scaling.

Looks like a bug… I’ll check it out.


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Info: In 3566 the problem also exist…

tested in all graphic configurations and
the problem arises whenever 100% is not selected

and it is not able to bring the VST to the full size of the cantabile-vst-window

I’m also seeing this behaviour with a couple of plugins. Assumed it was just “a thing”…

Should be fixed in 3567 available now.