Confused about Rack MIDI Outputs/ Output Ports

I have got many embedded racks to link and there is a question…

I have got a problem to understand why there are two different ways to link sources to outputs

a) RACK - Midi Out Route
b) RACK Output Port (possible to give a Name)

what is the difference of the two ways?

…or is it the same thing …but then there is a bug because if i built a new port over Right click (mousemenu) i can not see this Port in Rack output Routes…
(open with little arrow in front of the Rack)

I have a rack that processes the midi out of one of my controllers. It produces no sound, only affects controller signal. So, I use the rack midi out to my plug that produces my sound. Of course, I also have a sound source vst rack to stereo outs. I hope I am understanding what you were asking, and maybe this helps.

To go with what @Corky said, there are audio ports (stereo or mono) and there are MIDI ports. And, you can add more by going into the Rack and right-click on the output ports bar. It will give you a menu of routes to add.

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so far this is clear …

but also it is possible to add a route (when hit the little arrow, First coloumn)

but a Port or a Route is not the same… so it is not possible to give this Routing a name… I don’t understand what sense this two ways of Rack MIDI OUT have ???

I will make some pics to explain… I think it is a BUG!

In this pic both edit areas are opened and at first I had
1 PORT >> Named MIDI Out

then I create a second Out Port >> Chameleon

but this Port is not shown in the List under my rack …so I thougt Port and Route are 2 different things …

but now it will be interesting >>> if I change the name of
MIDI Out -----to -----> MIDI Out TEST

…this happens


…so …something is going wrong here.

No bug, I think … There is a default Audio and MIDI Rack input and output ports created when you first create the rack. They are given generic names. (e.g. Rack:MIDI Out). As you said you can add more MIDI rack ports out of the rack with your own names. You can also rename the default rack port names. This allows you to split MIDI messages into separate nameable ports that can be seen on the outside of the rack for routing purposes. On my utility racks I use it all the time. Hopr this helps …


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The route that says (missing) was created before you changed the port name. You have to re-do that route to correct the name change. It has always worked that way. You have to exit out of the dialog and save the rack to complete the changes.


…ahhh …now I checked the workflow

at first I have to built the Rack Port and as second step I can add it as Route to MIDI OUT…

thanks for helping to see clearly



is it possible to add an Item that allows to rename Ports directly in Rack-Port list (right-click)?