Configuration Cantabile 4, XPAND2!x64 and vArranger2

Hello everyone, I would like to understand how to use the vArranger2 software with the VSTi XPAND2!x64 plugins and configure it with Cantabile 4 Performer to separate the channels on Right1=ch13 Right2=ch14 Right3=ch15 and Right4=ch16 in vArranger2 and separate ( A Midi1) (B Midi2) (C Midi3) (D Midi4.) Currently XPAND2! only has sound on Midi1 on A,B,C,D. I have no sound when midi2, midi3, midi4 is selected in XPAND2!. I have a PSR SX-700 connected via MIDI to Focusrite 8i6 connected via USB to an i7 Core PC with Windows 10 and 1TB SSD.
Thanks for your help.

Bonjour à tous, j’aimerais comprendre comment utiliser le logicel vArranger2 avec le plugins VSTi XPAND2!x64 et le configuré avec Cantabile 4 Performer pour séparer les chanels sur Right1=ch13 Right2=ch14 Right3=ch15 et Right4=ch16 dans vArranger2 et séparer (A Midi1) (B Midi2) (C Midi3) (D Midi4.) Actuellent XPAND2! a seulement du son sur Midi1 sur A,B,C,D. Je n’ai pas de de son quand midi2, midi3, midi4 est sélectionné dans XPAND2!. J’ai un PSR SX-700 relier en MIDI sur Focusrite 8i6 connecté en USB sur un PC i7 Core avec Windows 10 et SSD 1TB.
Merci pour votre aide.

Hi Jacques and Welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:

It sounds like you have not set the MIDI channels in XPand!2 but I couldn’t be sure without some screen shots of your Xpand!2 GUI. If that is good already then we would need to check the MIDI routes from vArranger to see how they were set.