Condition field feature was a big help

Hi All,

While working on updating bindings for the RP-3 triple pedal from Roland I made a pleasant discovery. With the introduction of Condition fields on certain inputs I was able to create a continuous CC (which is what the 3 pedals all send 0~127) and with the condition field create a no edge switch that I could send to my VST devices that require no-edge. This used to require a rack that used routes and filters to do the same job. Here is the old internal utility rack structure to convert continuous to momentary no edge.

The same thing is now done by this binding

The conditions field filled a need for me that used to be way more hassle. And it is finding more uses as well. Very Cool.

Thanks Brad!!



The Rackmaster strikes again. Another excellent piece of work sir. A shining example of when less is really more