Computer Reboot From Bugcheck At Gig

Has anyone encountered this problem? This happened at last nights gig in the beginning of a song. Cantabile shut down and Windows error screen appeared, then rebooted. Luckily, I actually was back up by the end of the song, but the dirty looks began again after a 6 month hiatus. This was not a Cantabile crash. I have a Windows generated bug report, but no longer read code.

I had onstage reboot when using a M-Audio Win7 driver on a Win10 PC. Needless to say I never experienced troubles during rehears.

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I have that issue with the Focusrite soundcard (using 2i4 and driver 4.65 (but had the same issue with the previous driver)), if the usb connection to the soundcard is interrupted (cable wobling or similar), then the pc crashes hard and takes a while to recover.

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Thanks guys…this will give me a direction in solving this. :+1:

If I remember correctly the error report specifically mentions the focusrite driver as the culprit. I can easily reproduce the issue if you need any info from the crash, just let me know.

I have the Windows crash report, but it doesn’t give any information other than a string of numbers and letters, which is far from my past programming in Fortran and Basic, lol! If you can decipher the report, I would really appreciate any info you can extract.

I get the BSOD with this message:

I’ll be happy to give it a shot trying to decipher the dump file, though I haven’t looked into these previously. But rehearsal tonight just got cancelled (both singers being hit by some virus, probably not corona, but rules are strict at the place we rent our rehearsal space), so I have time on my hand.

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That is the page I got. But, I didn’t have time to read it before automatic reboot. I was in the middle of a song, and panic set in very quickly. It ruined my performance, but quickly returned. I am sure my sweating and pale face was evident. :grimacing:

I will gather and send the file when I extract from my gigging machine.

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I can find the error in the event viewer, but I’m not sure how to interpret the numbers. Only number that might be significant is:

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x0000003b

I have a few more of these, and I get these crashes regularly because I often forget to shut Cantabile down before unplugging the laptop from the keyboard setup, and then kabaaam.

It wouldn’t surprise me that I lost connection to Focusrite, or keyboard. I know that the usb ports will eventually wear out. Maybe some super glue? :rofl:

Its easy enough to test the hypothesis, while not at a gig :smile: boot up to the performance setup and then pull the USB cable. If it crashes its time to figure out a way to ensure reliable USB connections. Too bad they don’t have the screws like the old VGA and parallel printer cables did.

I found a tool that can read dump files:

There is a download link at the bottom of the page, a simple tool (just an exe, no need to install anything), if you run the app it will read the files in your c:\windows\minidump folder, and there you can see the information. For the Focusrite crash I get this:


Very cool Torsten. Will give it a try! Many thanks…wil report back.

Why not? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Too bad PC and peripherals doesn’t have something like this

+1 on Torsten H’s recommendation of Nirsoft - they make very useful software utilities.

For securing a loose USB connection I have done three solutions:

  1. If it’s the B female connection in the device I have sourced a compatible replacement, desoldered the worn out existing unit and then soldered in the new one.
  2. I have used a tiny screw driver made for glasses to bend the retaining clips inside the female USB connector
  3. I’ve sourced a short USB A male to A female “dongle” - pushed it into the loose connector and then formed Instamorph* around it to form a retainer that I then screwed into the panel with small self tapping screws.

*InstaMorph plastic beads - you place in 190 F degree water for a few minutes - it turns clear and can then be molded like chewing gum.

Those NIRSOFT tools are so useful…

Between them and SysInternals you can dig as deep as you want into a PC.

LOL, at least you weren’t playing solo in the middle of your wife’s best friend’s wedding…(bad bad memory invoked here)

That’s true…as I have no wife! :grimacing: