Compuer crashes while trying to use preload-function


my notebook always crashes when I use the preload-function.

I recently upgraded to Performer, espacially to use the preload-function. I changed my song-configurations so that my plugins (mostly Samples from Kontakt, Native Instruments: Komplete 12 Ultimate) are mostly located in a rack (as recommended in this forum).

I have even seperated my setlist into two setlists, so that I have only 10 songs in it and about 18 plugins ( including 11 plugins in the rack). My hardware is a Lenovo Idea Pad S340, Intel I7, 10th Gen with 12 GB RAM. Therefore it should be working, referring to the articles in the forum as I understand them.

Unfortunately I can’t upload the Profiler-File.

Some help would be great! I need to admit, that I am not very tech-savvy. I can not figure out, why it does not work by myself.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


Hi Oliver and Welcome!

Instead of the profiler file it would probably be better to send the crash file package that is produced upon a crash and popped up on the desktop directly to @brad via the dialog box. You can add a note in the crash box describing what happened. This assumes you have an internet connection from the laptop. If not we can see about doing it manually via Email and you could do some deeper diagnostics which are not switched on by default that may help sort it out as well.



Hi @Oliver,

Easiest way to work through these issues would be to email me.

If you’ve not already done so, check your settings folders for previously saved crash dumps and send them through:

  1. Start Cantabile
  2. From the Tools menu, choose Open Settings Folder
  3. Look for any .zip files - they’ll be crash dumps - send through any recent ones.


Hi Oliver,

your hardware generally shouldn’t be the issue - just as a reference, my live rig is 156 plugins in a pre-loaded setlist, with a memory footprint of 5.6 GB. I would definitely check the sample footprint of your Kontakt libraries - sample-based instruments can be a killer for pre-loading. I try to stay away from the large sample libraries for live use - I use them for production, but live, I gravitate towards smaller footprint instruments like the Triton, M1 or Xpand! In a live mix, it is hard to hear the difference anyways…

So take a look at the individual Kontakt racks that you use and check their memory footprint in the Monitor tab

This should help to calculate the total memory load of your pre-load.

Re diagnostics, see @brad’s comments - if you share the crash dumps, it will be easier to understand what exactly is happening, and when. A statement “it always crashes when I use preload” is just not precise enough…



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