Completely OT: "Win3mu" side project

Hey Guys,

Besides Cantabile, there’s one other kind of software project that I really enjoy working on - writing emulators. In fact I was working on one a few years ago and deliberately set it aside when I decided to write Cantabile 3.

I’ve been on the look out for a new project like this for a while now and hit on this crazy idea a couple of weeks ago which I’ve been playing with as a side project. It’s completely unrelated to Cantabile and music but thought I’d mention it in case anyone finds it interesting.

It’s super geeky and exactly the kind of challenge I find it hard to walk away from.

Check it out.



Coming from one of the many contributors to the to do list on Cantabile 3 :grinning: I must say It’s good to see you get to do other projects. Bring on the emulator !!!


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That looks like an awesome project - amazing challenge, and it could have all kinds of useful spin-off uses. The CPU instruction log did it for me though :relaxed:

This reminds me of something I’ve been trying to do for a while, but not yet fully succeeded - get the old DOS Voyetra Sequencer+ MIDI sequencer working under DosBox (or other emulator/non-emulator) with modern MIDI interfaces and routing MIDI to plugins hosted in Cantabile. I used to use Voyetra Sequencer+ a lot back in the day, and the way it’s designed, entirely keyboard-driven and very much bar-based made it really quick to use, compared with Pro Tools, Logic or any other other modern day DAWs. Obviously, its feature set is limited, but for a MIDI composition tool, it was fantastic, and I’d use it again now in a flash if I could actually run it on my hardware.

If you succeed in getting Jen’s card games running well on x64, I hope she’ll repay you in kind :relaxed:


Thanks guys. Yeah it’s a challenging but fun project.

I vaguely remember Voyetra. Did a quick google search seems it can be run under a VM, but not sure how reliably.


Ahhh…Voyetra. Remember it well. I think I still have a copy of it somewhere along with Cakewalk. I think it may be residing with my Apple II c software.

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