Comments display on Routing panel

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I think it would be useful to be able to add comments to the Routing panel, maybe through the use of Comment Blocks. For example one might need to add reminders about configuration such as active MIDI filters, bindings… For example being able to display that the keyboard controller is transposed to a certain tonality, the function of buttons or MIDI controllers, etc…


I am, in general, a proponent of comments. Love 'em. Anything to promote the de-mystification of Confusocopia that seems inherent in rig design.

Routes, in particular, have a “minimal” comment capability. Anything more than the end-of-line box that often gets scrolled off the right side of the window would be a plus.

Might it be possible to have full-line comments or comment blocks as entries in the routing table view??

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Indeed! Things can get VERY confusing in a not so large configuration. Some littles reminders would be helpful