Coming soon, perhaps a week out

Hives and racks and vstis and I may get to my C4 in two weeks, so most conversations are well over my head. But for ghost access issues I’ve had some experiences (with OS2). Many of these operating systems are 'protecting us from ourselves against our will of course. So they restrict our free will or use static paths instead of dynamic paths. As if we wanted to spend our time troubleshooting computer code, instead of making music, right? So I want to spend as little time and fewest fatal mistakes. I don’t ‘delete’ files… I move them. And I ‘rename’ errant folders or restrictive paths. Often we’re not allowed to modify elements currently being used. Sometimes renaming the folder keeps startup from ‘using’ them. Then we can modify or move them. If bad things happen we simply change the folder name back and reboot. Just a 1 added in front of a folder name is enough change and it’s easy to reverse. I used this for a renegade print que file on an OS2 machine. Upon reboot OS2 couldn’t find the file, so I was able to delete it. It had probably seventeen reams of alarm errors it wanted to print and had printed for several hours before I arrived,
due to a bad sensor. Problem solved.