Collapse Selection of Graph Nodes into Rack

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Hi Brad,

I love that there is a visual way to chain together VSTs in Cantabile, but the graphs can quickly get messy and hard to edit.

I’m not sure if this feature already exists. Basically I want to:

  1. select a group of vst nodes in the graph
  2. Right mouse click
  3. have option in right click menu to convert selection to a “rack”

Result: The Rack would have automatically created all the inputs and outputs from the original nodes and preserved the connections.

This type of feature is common in a lot of graph based UIs (game engines, 3D editors etc)

See this example in Blender,“NodeGroup”%2C%20“NodeGroup.


+1 on this. Would save me some time. I guess there’s a few complications e.g. bindings that would have to be worked through.

However, I think I heard that you can just copy+rename a song file as a rack (in explorer, say), this might be a workaround?

+1 also for me. The Blender example is perfect. Also with shortcut :wink: