Cme widi groups

Hi there,
I have tried searching the forum and fiddling with things , I purchased 2 widi masters and a widi bud pro to lose some cables, however I am struggling with setting up the group, I have one widi master that is plugged in to my GT 10 to start songs and bypass my harmonizer with a background rack and that part works but I would like to use the second widi master to control the harmonizes program changes. I have upgraded the Bluetooth firmware on all the devices and even tried to get the Korg ble midi driver going. I’m using windows 10.

Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks Doug

It’s been awhile since I created my group but CME has several videos on it. Also their email support is pretty good.

I found that the order of powering hardware is important when using PC’s Bluetooth…with widi in place on my FCB 1010 and powered up, I then open C3 and only then does widi connect.

Getting widi to work with PC Bluetooth was tricky and took a few tries. Widi Master to another Widi Master was easy, so maybe start with that. That also gives lowest latency. PC Bluetooth is fine for control commands but for notes/playing use widi to widi.

However, after getting it all working a year or so ago, I haven’t touched it…it just works, every time.

Both Masters will be sending to the WIDI Bud, but you need some way of differentiating between them within Cantabile. The best way would be to set the transmitting devices to different MIDI channels.

I finally got it going, it was just the details in the process, one widi bud pro as a central and 2 widi masters as peripherals, I’m only sending data to a Digitech harmonizer on midi channel 16 and receiving data from a GT 10 on channel 15. I am tempted to use the Korg ble midi drivers to gain an extra usb port free on my laptop but that looks to be another process, maybe later.

Cheers Doug

Good news!

I don’t think that CME do us any favours with how they name their devices. Calling their MIDI plug version ‘Master’ is confusing to beginners - as I know from trying to help others get their WIDI systems running.

I tend to think of WIDI Buds as ‘hubs’ and WIDI Masters as ‘peripherals’. That helps me keep tabs on what I’m doing.

That said, my main use of WIDI is in connecting two Buds together to sync two laptops.

The widi app allows you to rename devices

Yep, I know, but that’s not the naming I’m referring to (in the app I name all my devices with letter suffixes and label each one accordingly). I mean the brand names - it confuses people.

‘WIDI Master’ can be a master or a peripheral. Try telling that to someone new to WIDI. I’m reasonably au fait with their devices, but some of them still confuse me. WIDI UHost has Bluetooth, for example! :confused: I do know it puts people off buying them, because some can’t understand what they need, or how they work together.

If it were my company I’d name WIDI Master something like ‘WIDI DIN’ and I’d name WIDI Bud Pro ‘WIDI USB’, for example.