Close Cantabile via command line

I’ve tried using a binding to execute a .bat file to shutdown both Cantabile and the NUC.
(after learning how to create a batch file)

This works.
taskkill /im cantabile.exe /f
shutdown /s /t 2

Is there a nicer way of doing that, rather than forcing Cantabile to close?
I need to prevent popups on startup and shutdown.



A couple of suggestions:

  1. You can close Cantabile by any method that sends a WM_CLOSE message to the main window. Perhaps try AutoHotKey or some other Windows scripting environment.
  2. Sending WM_CLOSE is the same as clicking the close button in the title bar so you’ll still get prompts, so…
  3. You can disable most shutdown prompts in Options -> General -> Save/Load
  4. You can disable crash recovery prompt on startup in Options -> Diagnostics -> Check for Clean Shutdown
  5. Alternatively you can use the /headless command line option to launch Cantabile in headless mode - that’ll prevent prompts on shutdown and prompts on startup due to failed previous clean shutdown. See here.

I hope this helps.


Thanks … yes that was helpful … I have ended up using AutoHotKey as suggested.

Appreciate the help