Clone songs -- change names etc

I know there must be an easy answer to this, but I’ve a dreadful cold, and my brain is foggy. Plus, my gloves too big and the sun got in my eyes. :smiley:

I wanted to create a song template … and then, because I use Cantabile to track actual set lists and make all the necessary changes to both my guitar settings (via midi program change), I need to be able to copy the template, and then be able to change the name of the song (along w/ any tweaks) to whatever the song in set rotation is.

Is there an easy way to clone a template song – say one called, “Default setup” – and then make changes as needed?

Thanks in advance. I’m off to take a nap. This disease has me a bit wiped out, and I’ve a gig in a couple days still to set up for.

Sure, just create a song called “Default Setup”, and then be sure to do “Save Song As” after you’re done making changes to it.

If you want to be extra careful about keeping it as a template, go to the folder where your song files are stored, right-click the “Default Setup” file, go to properties, and select “Read Only” on it. That way you won’t be able to accidentally overwrite your file.


Oh that was way too simple, but that’s about my speed today – so thanks so much Robb! GREAT add about making the default read only!

Yep, that’s the way to do it! I have a couple of templates and sometimes just grab an existing song and “Save As”. Search through the forum–there are several discussions about creative use of templates. Torsten had several good ideas about template use.


One thing to remember, is that for some reason you can’t right-click on a song and “Save Song As”. You have to go up to the File menu once you have a song selected… I often forget whether it’s the File or Edit menu. Wonder if the devs can add this to the right-click on a song…

Also, I’m curious, what’s the difference between “Save Song As” and “Save Song Copy As”? Can’t seem to find documentation on that.

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I believe “Save Song copy As” will not replace the song you have currently loaded. “Save Song As” replaces what you have loaded with the newly named file.

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But that’s what’s confusing. Save Song As doesn’t replace; it creates a new file based on the one you are replicating, then asks if you want that in the current set (assuming you’re in a set). And Save Song Copy As does the exact same thing.

Hmm. I hadn’t noticed that. I guess I never use the save as functions when I have a set list loaded.

That is pretty much the way word processors are. If you “save as”, it becomes a new document. If you just use “save” it saves changes made to the original document. The original document is still saved either way. I don’t understand the confusion over this. It has been the same protocol in most things since my 1st computer in 1983 (blame Microsoft and/or Apple). And, if you are making changes to the song while it a setlist, it gives you the option to add the newly changed song to the set list. That is much more convenient than having to add it later. It is a great option.
So, “save song” saves any changes to the song you are currently in. “Save as”, saves the current song to something else, without tossing the original in the trash. Again, that has been the protocol in most things for 35+ years.
I use it on many things. Being in several bands, the same songs occasionally show up in more than one band. So, if I have a band that plays “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow” on which I play guitar, and another band wants to play the same song, but needs me to play piano, I take the original song, (with all the lyrics, and chord changes, and state changes), change only my instrument, keep all my other work, save it as “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow-Band #2” It saves me from re-doing all the work I did on the original song setup. That is only 1 example of how it works.



Edit: The Zappa reference was purely on impulse.

@Corky The confusion isn’t over what “Save” does; see my first note. It’s the difference between “Save Song As” and “Save Song Copy As”. The Save function is obvious. These other 2 appear to do the exact same thing.

Try this:

This is what @bartok2112 was saying. So basically, they are not doing the same thing. “Saving song as” would save song…then would load the NEW song to edit, instead of showing the current song after “save song copy as”.

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See my comment 4 comments up. I’ve already tested this; for me each function does the exact same thing, asking if I want to add the newly saved copy into the current set.

I just tested it, and yes…if you have a set list loaded, it will ask if you want to save the new song version to the current set list. If you do not have a set list loaded, it will not ask to add song. I guess what I am getting from you is the two save choices do the same thing, then you combine the “add to set list” in as well, which would be normal in both cases. If your test reveals the two save options are absolutely the exact same thing, then then either there is a bug, or there is an overlook. Only @brad could answer that.
Sorry Lowell, my deranged mind is not really following what you are saying, so I defer to @brad, or anyone else that can sort it out. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.



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Hmm. Maybe the difference is when you don’t have a set list loaded. So Save Song Copy maybe just saves to disk the new song copy but keeps the current song loaded. When in a set list both options do the same thing, and ask to add to the set list.

I guess that second “Copy” option makes most sense when you are outside of a set list. That probably explains it.

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