Cleaning MIDI ports


I’ve been using lots of different physical Midi ports over the years. Some of them I will never use again. They are all listed in the MIDI Input Port as disconnected. Is there a way to clean all or some of these ports so the list a little more clear?

thanks in advance

The only tool I use for that is Ghostbuster. It is a bit tricky but works once you figure out how to select and properly delete the ports assignments.



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I have used USBOBLIVION and have had no issues with it. To be on the safe side backup your system first

I do wish Windoze would become as intelligent about USB devices as OS X is :wink:

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thanks to both, I’ll try both tools!!


No worries. I forgot to say the reason why I recommend a backup first (at least a registry backup) is because tools like these are changing the registry.

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Be careful with these programs!
Years ago, a USB-enumeration reset utility disrupted all my USB ports. Had to reinstall Windows7, happily from a backup partition image.

Which is why I recommend doing a backup first as these programs are directly changing the registry. But in the years I have been using it I’ve never had an issue with USBoblivion. But you have been warned….

Better still is if Microsoft fixed the mess of windows device enumeration

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