Classic rock rite of passage - Vox Continental - HOTRS

Yes, we’re playing “House of the Rising Sun”. First I used VB3 1.4 with waveform V. When you see generic recommendations for Vox Continental emulations they tell you to turn off the Leslie and use V2 or V3. I found that didn’t sound much like one no matter what I did with the drawbars. What sounded excellent but not exactly like a single manual Continental was V/C at C3, waveform V with the Leslie on.

I downloaded Martinic’s Combo V. That sounds more like a Continental. Here’s my settings for that, the volume (Swell) just happens to be down because I left expression pedal that way.


My question is should I be detuning a bit for realism?

BTW, I found a video of them playing on Ed Sullivan and you can sort of see his drawbars. It looks like 4884 with the tilde and M out all the way.


Ahh…The Connie! I owned one for a year, but I felt limited since I was infatuated with Hammonds. Detune? Hell yes! Make it sound like it’s been dropped a few times and shuffled around on a multi-city tour. I personally think they sound better aged with wear and tear.


I poached this setting from a tutorial for the Arturia Vox Continental V on Youtube. It’s fun to play and sounds very smooth with a nice distortion:


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