Chord recognizer/player plugin

Here’s what I’m looking for: A plugin that will recognize a chord (any inversion) and play the bass note that goes with the chord. There are times when I’m playing a chord and it would be handy for a plugin to play lower root notes for me so that I’m free to play something else with my left hand.

So… NOT a chord generator… I want to play those myself. I just want to free up my left hand. I hope that makes sense!

If I play c’, e’, g’ . . .

C makes it C major
A makes it Am7
Bb makes it Bb-9-11-13
D makes it D 7-9-11
F makes it FM9

Which bass note should it play? Mind, we play a lot of Steely Dan and MoTown where x13 chords and x7#9 come up quite a bit, so YMMV

LOL. Let’s assume they are basic chords… maybe add 7. No Steely Dan here. :slight_smile: I found Cthulhu by Xfer Records. It might work. I’ll have to give it a try. I just don’t want to do one-finger playing to get those bass notes.

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So how did it go? I’m curious about the plug in.