Cherry Audio "Hammond" news :)

Introducing Novachord + Solovox


I jumped on this one :smiley:

Wow. Interesting!

By the way I see they have an interview with Pat Strawser on their homepage. I co-produced Volare’s debut CD many years ago, The Uncertainty Principle and Pat is a super cool guy and a great player, check it out!


Finally I can play “We’ll Meet Again”. :grinning:

We’ll meet again performed on a Hammond Novachord built in 1939 - YouTube

I love the way Kubrick used this song at the end of Dr. Strangelove (orchestra version)


Was there a link there, originally?

There was a Novachord Kontakt library I remember being pretty good. Wonder how this compares…

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Yup, its from Soniccouture. They gave me that Novachord for Kontakt at $29 when I bought their “Hammersmith” Stainway library.Other “exotic” sounds can be found in the product list, like Ondes Martenot and a misc of ancient hardware.
IMHO, these old instruments should be better modeled. Who knows, I’ll download Cherry demo to compare.

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Yeah, I’d expect modeling to be better… certainly smaller.

It sounds ok, one thing it lacks is the sustain like the original had will its pedals.
The original has three sustain (damper pedals) and one foot volume, i have’t found a way to
control those. Unless I need pedals for them?

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