Cherry Audio and R2D2 (Star Wars)

When researching the ARP 2600 I saw where it was used as the voice for Star War’s R2D2. Looked it up on YouTube and sure enough, people had come up with patches to try to duplicate it on either the original ARP or Behringer clone hardware. I figured if Cherry’s plugin could also pull it off convincingly, I’d buy it for playing guitar thru it (albeit not for playing R2D2’s voice on guitar, though that might be fun in the middle of a set, lol).

Here’s the patch based on the below YouTube video for anyone interested: (1.4 KB)

On Windows, the CA2600 user presets are stored here:

C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Roaming\CherryAudio\CA2600\Presets\User Presets\FX

The patch requires an audio input from microphone to talk into while fiddling with knobs. Or, just inputting a synth seemed to work fine too. Here is the video showing which knobs to fiddle with:


I wish I could give more likes!!! Thanks sekim!

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If you figure out how to do the R2D2 scream let me know! The kids liked this a lot but they immediately asked “so can you do the scream?”, lol.


According to this documentary, it was a pair of headphones hooked to the audio input, and the programmer would vocalize through one side of the headphones.

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Thanks for posting the documentary! I’ll be freezing a few frames to see if I can duplicate some Townshend patches.

I’ll try one of my old Yamaha RH-5Ma headphones for R2D2 and also map sliders on my keyboard to the relevant 2600 controls and see what I can record.