Changing targets when copying bindings deletes saved parameters

This one has me stumped. I have a large number of bindings assigned to a synth plugin and intend to have several copies of the same plugin which will be activated via midi filters. I assumed it would be a simple matter of creating a group, copying it and just changing the target in each binding from synth a to synth b and so forth. However… when I do so the stored parameters inc event target action and value revert to default settings. ie Controller (No Edge) Resume/Suspend and toggle. Is there any way around this? I dont want to have to create individual bindings for each instrument

I too have encountered this general issue when copying bindings. Not too bad in my case, because I dealing with a few copies of a dozen bindings. But the mind-numbing cycle of clicks gets old pretty quickly.

I was thinking at the time that the root cause is that the binding must never be left in an “inconsistent” state … with inappropriate values for a given parameter. However, your experience suggests that this is not the case …

One approach is to (gasp!) hack (edit with a character-based editor) the appropriate .json file. This has worked wonders for me in other situations where highly repetitive work was needed. However, I’ve got a lot of programming experience and this is still not for the faint of heart. You need to have an example done by hand and figure out what Cantabile wants from the JSON file and emulate it … If you have experience with scripting languages (I use perl), you could even automate the process.

If you go this route, make backups. Often.

Thanks. I’m not scared of editing files but dont have the tools, experience or patience to do so. Copying bindings and changing targets without trashing the parameters seems like a pretty elementary thing to do . I get how it would be a bad idea for a different instrument or effect but shouldnt cause difficulties for an instance of the same plugin.