Changing Song options - batch?

I’m pretty sure of this answer before I aks, but under the song options is there a way to to turn all songs from “on any change” to "only significant changes?

Reason being that at a live show I’ll be having the laptop closed and controlling from hardware, BUT if I say, alter a slider, during a solo for example, C3 then puts on the message “do you want to save changes” before it will allow the next song to be chosen. Which, hahaha, sorta stuffs up having the laptop lid closed, not to mention the time needed to close the box with a NO tab selected.


hahaha, I guess this is not possible…going on the nuber of respones :wink:

Hi Dennis,

Yep, no global option there, the default for a new song is “only significant changes” for what it’s worth …


Thanks Dave. Yep it cannot be done for all songs (as in remove the option for al songs in a batch fashion), however I discovered that you CAN globally disable the prompting to save, when changing a song in a setlist, by going to General/Save and Load/ and setting “Save Songs when switching via setlist” to NO. So it can be done that way :slight_smile: