Changing Routing Destinations with Song States

The thing I want to accomplish in a Song is:

State 1 -> Route 1 -> Rack 1
State 2 -> Route 1 -> Rack 2

I update Route 1 in State 2, then I save the Song. When to go back to State 1, my routing is to Rack 1 as intended.

But when I switch to State 2, the route destination remains to Rack 1.

Looks like I need to use two separate routes for that:
State 1 activate: Route 1 -> Rack 1
State 2 activate: Route 2 -> Rack 2

Is that as expected?

Hi cdkrugjr,
you need to enable the “Target Object and Port” option for that route in the respective “State Behavior” panel.

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Hmmmm . . .where should I look for that option?

Hi Charles,

The states behavior panel is opened here. It is relative to the selected Rack, Vst, Media Player, Binding or MIDI or Audio input and output Route that is currently selected.

you find the checkboxes here for each available parameter for that object, in your case the route(s) you want to control. Use the scroll bar to check the whole list (only part is shown in the example)



This is such a wonderful forum guys :heart_eyes:

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Belated Thanks.

Turns out I had those options set, but COMPLETELY forgot about “Lock” which was keeping my saves from saving anything . . . . yeah . . .GREAT feature . . .provided I remember it’s there . . . . oops . . :blush:

Yay for not screaming at my screen during the set . . . unless I mung something else up . . :roll_eyes: