Changing project folders [solved]



Changing the file locations in the options, the song files are always loaded from the previously saved path. How to tell Cantabile to load the song files from the new path? Same it happens with racks, the path doesn’t update and keeps pointing to the old folder. Don’t get the point here… If the program folders are changed, all the software’s elements must look at the new locations… Or am I missing something?

Specifically, I’ve changed all Cantabile’s folder locations:
from (old) - D:\Documents\Box Sync\Cantabile
to (new) - D:\Documents\MEGAsync\Cantabile

and I need that everything (songs, racks, background rack, recordings) will be loaded/saved from/to the NEW location.

@brad can you help?

Please let me know, thank you!

Moving folders for racks, songs,... (solved)

Ok solved it by myself, although leaving this post here in case someone will have the same issue.

So, here you go…

After having copied all the content from the old folder to the new one, it needs to manually load (File>Open) the songs or the set-list in order to load all Cantabile’s elements (songs, racks, background rack, etc.) from the NEW location.

So, the first time after you moved the folder locations, do not load songs/set-list by Recent Songs or Recent Set-list because them will be still loaded from the old location (if still available).

Keep in mind that “Recordings” and “Metronome” folders must be set manually in the Options.

PS: @brad can you confirm?

Hope it helps. Greetings!


@brad my solution does not work always though. It works here on one laptop, does not work on another one although I’ve used the same method.

Please, clarify this issue, thank you.


If you’ve simple renamed or copied the entire folder and everything inside the folder is still in the same location relative to each other then it should just work (except of course for the recent file menus).

Cantabile saves all inter-file references as relative file paths - so long as you move say a set list and the songs it references together and keep the relative location of them the same it will just work.

This is explained in further detail in this blog post.



Thanks @brad but there’s some bug somewhere in this process…

The method you explain in the blog post is what I did: simply copied the full Cantabile folder from old (Box Sync) to the new location (MEGAsync).

Please, look at the song in the screenshots here. The song’s path is NEW (MEGAsync). All racks of this song are, of course, available in the new location but they are wrongly loaded from the OLD folder (Box Sync). So, how you explain it?
Rack%20path Song%20path Song%20project


Hi @Mistheria,

Just tested this here and it seems to be working just fine. See this video:

I’m not sure what happened in your situation. Is it possible you moved the songs without moving the racks first. In that case the songs would find the files in their old location and then save relative paths to the old location.

Send me a copy of the song file shown in the screen shot and I can check it out if you like.



Hi @brad the video doesn’t work, however I know and I’ve tested here that the process works on the second laptop that I use for different set-lists. There all songs and set-lists have been moved and point to the NEW paths.

On the first laptop, the process somehow is not working so, sure, please find here the song file, I’d like to understand what happened to avoid it in the future: Dies (3.3 KB)


At the moment, to solve the situation, I’ve just copied the Cantabile song/setlist files, again, from the OLD (Box Sync) to the NEW (MEGAsync) location. Now, all paths are correct pointing to the NEW location (MEGAsync).

Don’t know what happened in during the first copy/paste on one of the two laptops, however, now everything is working fine on both computers. :ok_hand:

Thank you for the support @brad


Mistheria, please do mark this one as SOLVED in the title.

People like me will skip to the end to see the solution rather than read everything trying to help solve it! :slight_smile:



Done! Thanks @terrybritton


Hi @Mistheria,

I had a look at the song file you provided. It has the rack referenced as follows:

"RackFile": "C:\\Users\\Maestralien\\Documents\\Box Sync\\Cantabile\\Racks\\LEAD-OPX-			 
"RackFileRelative": "..\\..\\..\\Box Sync\\Cantabile\\Racks\\LEAD-OPX-Pro2ME.cantabileRack",

Basically the file was opened and saved again while the target racks weren’t available in their new location, so Cantabile reverted to the old location and then when you saved the song again it saved the relative path back to the original location too.



Thanks @brad for analyzing the file. Don’t know how it happened, however we know something more.
Again, I’ve copied all the song and set-list files again in the new location and now everything is working fine.